Kyle & Ashley at the Hilton Garden Inn Freeport Maine

| Wedding DJ Freeport Maine | After 16 months of planning the big day was finally here….  Mr. & Mrs. LaBreck celebrated with 100 of their closest family and friends, including our colleague Kristin from the Hilton staff!  We provided wedding DJ entertainment for Kyle & Ashley at the Hilton Garden Inn.  What a dance floor with the crazy old timers who break it down better than the college kids!  Amazing Energy!!


Wow, our recently upgraded RCF audio system really puts out amazing sound – Loud and full up close for the dance floor but comfortable for the outside tables to socialize and enjoy each other’s company.  Complementing the sound and dance floor atmosphere tonight was blue and pink two-tone uplighting.  This lighting enhancement illuminated the ballroom, adding a warm perimeter glow.

glow.   A remote sound system was included for the ceremony at Old Town Hall, adjacent to the Hilton property.   Many guests arrived early to Freeport, Maine for some extra time in the shopping district.  The decision to have the Hilton Garden Inn host the wedding day celebration absolutely paid off!  

Mr. & Mrs. LaBreck had great chemistry and thoroughly enjoyed the planning process leading up to their wedding day.  Furthermore, we’ll miss Kyle’s sarcasm; We’ll miss Ashley’s polite but blunt instructions.   It would be a privilege to host another event in the future with this group of family and friends!